In case you missed it…Race and Restoration Summit Highlights

For three days in February, at this year’s Race & Restoration Summit, thought leaders from across the country offered a course of action to help the church heal from the sin of racism.

Jon-Michael Brown of St. Louis Christian College in St. Louis, Missouri kicked off the first session of the Summit with conversation on Why Reconciliation Efforts Break Down.  You can watch his presentation HERE.

About Jon-Michael Brown

JMJon-Michael left the United States Air Force Academy in order to pursue a God-redirected path into vocational ministry. Since leaving the Academy, he has served in children’s and youth ministry and earned degrees from both Bible college and seminary.  Currently he strives to be a godly man in his ministry, godly husband in his marriage, and godly father in parenting their three children.  Jon-Michael recently served as Professor of Youth Ministry at St. Louis Christian College and is Associate Pastor over youth and children at Halls Ferry Christian Church (Florissant).




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