In case you missed it… More Race and Restoration Summit Highlights

For three days in February, at this year’s Race & Restoration Summit, thought leaders from across the country offered a course of action to help the church heal from the sin of racism.

Monday afternoon’s session of the Summit featured Rob and Josiah Daniels. Father and son shared thoughts on Examining the Case for Reparations. Watch the video HERE. 

About Rob Daniels

Rob-Daniels1-216x300Rob Daniels serves as Executive Pastor of Westbrook Christian Church a growing, vibrant multi-ethnic church in Bolingbrook, Illinois. Having grown up in an ethnically diverse community and having a multi-ethnic family has shaped a unique perspective on issues related to race, ethnicity and faith. In addition, having served on the staff of churches in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Naperville and Carol Stream, Illinois and Indianapolis also has provided a wealth of practical insight on leadership issues in the local church. Rob also served as a member of the Executive board for the 2003 and 2010 North American Christian Conventions.

About Josiah Daniels

Josiah Daniels is a 25-year-old Mdiv student attending Northern Seminary near Chicago. He is the recipient of the John Perkins Fellowship. His primary interest are Christian Community Development, liberation theologies, political theologies, the Hebrew Bible (i.e. the Old Testament) and Kendrick Lamar.

Josiah lives on the West side of Chicago and is involved with the CCDA. When he’s not juggling, he’s writing or reading. Josiah’s work has appeared on Missio-AllianceGround Motive and the Englewood Review of Books.


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